Carpet Freshables -NEW! 🧼

Carpet Freshables -NEW! 🧼

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Introducing Little Scents Carpet Freshables!

Our carpets go through a lot and as a key feature of any home, it’s important to keep them looking great and smelling fresh.

Our brand new Carpet Freshables eliminate lingering smells and trapped odours in fabrics to bring an enchanting fragrance to your home. Breathe new life in to your carpet in just a few simple steps.

1. Shake the powder of the desired area evenly and generously.
2. Allow the powder to settle into the fabric for 30 minutes. The powder absorbs nasty smells and embeds the fragrance into the fabric.
3. Vacuum over the powder and experience the freshness.

Available in 4 different scents, supplied in huge 500g bags ❤️